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Social Studies Homework For 5th Graders: How To Find Trustworthy Answers

Social studies, is the study of society, of man and his behavior , of social sciences categorized into advanced subjects such as anthropology, religion, humanities, philosophy, politics and many others linked to the social fabric of man and his surroundings.

Your social studies homework holds the key to a better understanding of the subject. It helps you recapture what has been taught at school. If you're struggling with the right answers to your homework project then here are some effective methods that produce trustworthy answers.

Adopt a Strategic Approach to Your Homework

  • Cultivate the right atmosphere
  • Relax your mind, if music helps you concentrate so be it
  • Read questions thoroughly
  • Chalk out the main points specific to a question
  • Elaborate on main points
  • Avoid filling in irrelevant matter
  • Homework is about quality not quantity
  • Do not hesitate to take the help of elders for a wider explanation
  • Engage in group study, two minds are better than one

Highlight important points

In most cases, social studies assignments will include text book questions that are required to follow a certain syllabus. Learn to pinpoint the main areas that are emphasized upon. Highlight them if necessary. A chapter on basic anthropology won’t require lengthy answers detailing the entire text. Form an answer from the main points related directly to the question.

Refer to study guides and reference books from your library

Study guides are an important means to trustworthy answers for any homework project. It may so happen that you have been given questions requiring you to form an opinion on the political scenario of your country or write an essay on the industrial revolution. A Study guides will elaborate further on the subject.

Study Guides Help You in the Following Ways

  • Generate ideas
  • Provides Relevant information with reference to the context
  • Provides an explanation with discussions on the subject
  • Provides you with subject matter related to your syllabus

How to acquire a deeper understanding of social studies

Social sciences influence every aspect of your everyday life. It is all around you. How you and your friends behave, how your family behaves, how your country reacts to situations, the politics and history of your country, your own racial origins. Be aware of the aspects of your everyday life, observe people and follow related subjects of history and geography. Integrating these factors into your study is getting the job half done.

Online reference

The internet is a gold mine of information. You are bound to find study material specific to the subject matter taught at school. If the current topic of your homework deals with reconstruction of the social fabric of your country in its formative years, then browse for a relevant theme. If its urbanization or the study of races, then choose simple but informative sites pertaining to the same.

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