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5 Good English Homework Tips From A Straight Student

English homework is an important part of our school life and should never be a struggle when assigned such work by the teacher. Most students find this experience to be unbearable and a great challenge to them. The following tips will help you establish excellent English homework habits.

Homework planner

The first step to ensuring a good English homework is by creating a study timetable. It helps in outlining what needs to be done and at what time hence acting as a guideline to complete your work. This helps you balance the various topics of study in an equal way.

Time management

Stress and frustrations are caused by the feeling of having too much to do and little time to do it. To avoid this situation, a student needs to implement a time management strategy. This helps you to increase your productivity and high levels of concentration when doing your studies. This form of discipline is the only way you remain focused.

Good research

Researching is a key factor in every learning experience. It involves skills like note making, scanning, skimming and the use of keywords. Keywords are normally used to get the meaning of the topic as they are related. They help out in internet searches and exploring your topic. Skimming is when you quickly go through your work in order to get to the main idea. This helps when you have a lot of materials to learn. Note making assists you in getting a better understanding as you record the main points. Scanning is moving your eyes up and down the page, this helps when you are looking for a particular word or phrase.

Checking work

This is also known as proofreading. ‘Man is to error,’ is a saying that helps us to understand this particular point. Doing your homework is not enough, one needs to go through his work and check for things like spelling mistakes which are very common. This process also helps you to familiarize with your content hence acting as a revision for better understanding.


Lastly, it makes no sense to do your homework then you misplace your books or records taken during your study. Therefore, one needs to be organized in such a way that you keep your work in a safe place. Color coding important information in your notes is also a form of good organization. It is also a good habit to pack up everything that will be needed for school the next day before going to sleep.

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