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What To Do If There Is Not Enough Time To Finish Homework

Even though you woke up early to write your paper, you kept working during the day and had very little time for your other activities; you are still not able to complete your assigned task for the day. You may have to sit through the night to complete todays task but then how will you write the task you have for the following day? This can be a vicious circle of unfinished home tasks if you start late or there is unexpected event that causes delay in your assignment. The best option was to start your paper on time and plan it so that you had a margin for a day or two for any emergency. However, now that you are here and you do not have enough time to complete your homework on the given time, there are two solutions.

  1. One is that you complete your paper no matter what or how it looks like and submit it to your teacher. In this situation, you may have to compromise on the quality or certain sections in your paper.
  2. Two, is that you explain the entire situation to your teacher with honesty and ask for an extension. If your reason is genuine then she would probably allow you another week, day or required time to complete your paper.

However, if you are only late because you were lazy and did not estimate the right plan for your paper, then you must complete it under any situation and submit it to your teacher because she will not accept laziness as a valid excuse for extension.

If you have to write your paper in any case, then you have two solutions. The first possibility is that you sit through the night and work several days consistently on the same paper to complete it. You may have less productivity, no interest, and extreme boredom but you cannot avoid this situation because you are responsible for it.

If on the other hand, you want to save your time and brain and do not wish to treat yourself pathetically, then you can consider using some help. The first possible way of doing this is hiring someone to write your homework instead of you. The other possibility is to ask a friend or classmate to exchange their notes with you and you simply copy their paper.

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