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How To Get History Homework Effectively: Tips To Train Your Memory

Not all students are good at history. That’s why this subject is described as boring and dull by many students. However, when you have history homework, you have to do it. Teachers expect their students to have a good knowledge in history because it is a subject that applies its affairs in our everyday life. Here are some useful tips how to do your homework in history and improve your memory effectively.

Connection and development of ideas

Years and history always come together. Therefore, it is important that you organize your notes in chronological order. First split them in topics, and then split every topic by years, decades and then centuries.

Regarding details, you don’t have to memorize a lot of details, even though every topic covers a lot of details, but you only have to make a connection between the events and facts. Visualizing the topic and creating a mind map is a good advice, but you have to practice. When you visualize your mind map, you can develop the facts into notes.

You can also divide your notes in several categories, such as Events, Causes and Consequences. That way you will develop your mind map and have better visualization.

Practice data retention with flashcards and quizzes

Memorizing names and specific dates are part of history and you have to practice your memory skills. There are several online types of tools:

  • Flashcards - There are online tools that help you create flashcards and by going through them you practice your memory and remind yourself of everything you memorized.
  • Quizzes - Search Google and you will come across very useful sources where you can create your own quiz and you can share it with your friends and they can share it with you, so that you will practice more and more.
  • Multiple quiz – You can also share it with your friends.

Watch documentaries and films on the topic

In order to help you better understand the whole event and remember most of the facts, you can watch a documentary or film with your friends or alone. The best thing about it is that you can enjoy watching them with your friends and learning at the same time.

However, you have to check reliability of the film, because there are so many historical films that in fact are not historically true. For instance, Braveheart is not.

After you go through the material and you are ready for the test, make a simulation of the test with an online tool in order to know what to expect.

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