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What Are Some Negatives Associated With Homework: Expert Opinion

At one point in time it was considered the most natural thing in the world to give homework. Teachers who didn’t were even treated as less dedicated. There are much more open minded analyses of this aspect of the education system now. Here are a few negatives that have been unearthed.

It takes too long

Very often at home assignments are lengthy. They may require weeks of effort if they are to be completed to the expected standard. This gives children less time to engage in other activities such as sports. This predisposes them to obesity and other health conditions that come from inactivity.

It assumes that children cannot find good uses for their own time

Creativity and critical thinking skills are much more easily encouraged when children are allowed to decide what they want to do and when. This is not to say that they should never be directed or corrected, merely that their ability to make good decisions will not appear as they mature legally. They need to practice as children.

It can make students more frustrated with education

Many children find themselves bored with concepts because they have looked them over at length in the class room only to be forced to look into them some more at home. Just as adults are often advised not to take their work home, children should not be forced to devote all of their time to academia. This can make it tedious and they may exit the system as soon as they are allowed.

It is sometimes targeted to parents

It is not uncommon for a teacher to give an assignment that they expect the parent to assist with. This puts children with neglectful parents at a disadvantage. Even parents who are willing but very busy may find themselves unable to give the type of help the teacher has specified. Children’s grades can suffer through no fault of their own.

It can be extremely easily forged

Many academic content creation agencies thrive on the internet. They do the homework that students do not want to attempt. The work they produce is original so it passes plagiarism software with ease. This means that the quality of work may have very little to do with the ability of the student.

There are many ways to get students to learn in their free time. Teachers and schools that care will look into their alternatives.

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