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The Top 10 Best Homework Study Tips On Memorizing

Why memorizing is as important as understanding?

When you sit down to get your homework done- memorizing of a particular line, a formula or a chapter will sprout up time and again. When the time is limited and the homework pressure is mounting, you don’t feel the urge to go through your text books all the time to know a particular answer. In this context, memorizing plays a big role.

10 best homework tips on memorizing

  1. Take help of the sense of ‘sight’ in homework
  2. Study shows that when you find it difficult to memorize a concept, drawing diagrams related to that concept- will always help you out. Whether you are studying geometry or geography- you can draw some pictures related to that chapter.

  3. Play some memory stimulating games everyday
  4. Whether it’s Sudoku, chess or crosswords- a student needs to spend a considerable time every day to play these memory-related games. They will go a long way to reinforce your memory.

  5. Teaching others can help
  6. Another great technique on memory-building would be- to teach what you have learnt, to someone else. From your parents to your pets to the pot-plants- you just need a patient listener.

  7. Write what you read
  8. You don’t need to write down everything you are reading. But you can always note down important points and summaries related to each chapters on a small note-book. Before solving home-task, going through the note-book will give you impetus.

  9. Build flash cards
  10. Creating flash cards is a well-tested method. If you are studying history lessons, English vocabulary or French- write down a question on one side and the answer on the other side.

  11. Question everything
  12. In order to memorize effectively, question everything you read from the text. Don’t just mug up. Ask yourself why it is happening.

  13. Bring change in your lifestyle
  14. Memorizing needs a positive change in lifestyle from a tender age. Incorporate reading into your daily habit instead of watching too-much TV. Sound sleep of 8 hours is also necessary.

  15. Allot real life imageries with your task
  16. When you study a theory of science, you should recall real life occurrences that are propelled by this theory. The topics like geography and English vocabulary also fall under this category.

  17. Recite out vociferously
  18. While reading, you must recite that piece vocally in front of the mirror. Watch your expression, notice the force on syllables.

  19. Take advantage of memory tools
  20. Study about tools such as Acrostics, Chunking and Method of Loci. They all are there to help you out in memorization.

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